Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Production and Availability Update

There have been many requests on availability for the Model 18/19 gears and the Model 17 gears. This is a home-brew effort and periodically the setup/trial-and-error has to be re-approached from scratch. Also, nothing is listed until available and all items are tested before shipping. For these reasons there may be a short runs until the wheels are turning again so keep checking here for updates.

Jan 28th - After many delays, both gears are now available on ebay again. I am going to remove references to any inactive auction numbers to prevent confusion. Both listings can be found by searching for "boston pencil sharpener gear" on ebay.

Sorry to anybody who was not updated yet, I was not aware that ebay limits how many messages you can send in one day (grrr). I will try to catch up on notices until those are finished.

More info will be posted soon and I will continue to make this available for as long as there are requests.