Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I currently have a listing on ebay for the Model 18 and Model 19 replacement gear. I have had a few requests come in for the Model 17 and will make some available soon.

My assumption has been that if you even know your gear is broken, then you know how to open the sharpener and remove/replace a gear. Even if you are not a Jedi Do It Yourselfer, this is not a tough repair. A photo-guide for this is the next project...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Boston Model 17 testing is complete!

Tooling and testing for the Boston Model 17 Pencil Sharpener replacement gear are now complete. Replacements have been tested for fit and functionality, and are now available. I have already posted a listing on ebay for this part. The current listing item# is 130419932867 or try this link:

Clarification on earlier posts - this gear is only for use with the Model 17. The Model 18 replacement part is only interchangeble for use with Model 19.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Reports From The Field

I have received back emails (and some have posted as ebay feedback) already from previous auctions. Well okay, there have been a total of two sold and installed so far (not trying to pad the numbers here!). Both have reported that they have their sharpeners working well again.

A question came up - is there any kind of retaining clip for this gear? I have not seen one on any of the sharpeners (Model 17, Model 18, Model 19). All of these depend on a good tight fit, and the repro gears fit in the same manner as originals do.

This gear works with Model 18 and Model 19. Installation guide will be available soon (although most folks who know they have a broken gear have already been under the hood and know hwo to remove/replace). Tooling and testing for the Model 17 replacement will be soon...

Monday, August 2, 2010

News for Boston Model 19 owners

I just received in a Boston Electric Pencil Sharpener - Model 19. My testing shows that the large gear for the Model 18 is a suitable replacement for the model 19! If you have a model 19 with a broken large gear, the replacement that I have available will work. This is a repro of an original part but made from more durable material.

I am now posting these on ebay with a set price, no waiting on bids or auction end time. The auction on the previous post ended with no takers but this item has been listed again.

Note: correction has been made to this post - the Model 18 part can be used to repair a Model 19 sharpener. The replacement for the Model 17 is very different and NOT replacable by this part. My ebay listings also mention which models are compatible with the item being listed. Sorry for any confusion!