Wednesday, July 28, 2010

This is my latest item and it is black (same material, just a different color for sake of variety, the Batman version!). This is my third ebay auction and I have made mods to the listing in hopes to make things go smoother. Here is the link:
I have found a forum that is full of people asking for this part. I have received no feedback from my posts there. Many of the people posting have not registered so I am not able to contact them so I set up this blog in hopes they will find it.
My goal is to continue to provide this for whoever needs it. Models 17 and 19 are still slated for support too. I have noticed that there are 'watchers' on my auctions and that is terrific but I have tried to make the shipping and buy-it-now options very reasonable.
No items will be listed for auction prior to availability for shipping. If anybody has questions or feedback or a special need (i.e. quantity) contact me here or via ebay.

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