Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Reports From The Field

I have received back emails (and some have posted as ebay feedback) already from previous auctions. Well okay, there have been a total of two sold and installed so far (not trying to pad the numbers here!). Both have reported that they have their sharpeners working well again.

A question came up - is there any kind of retaining clip for this gear? I have not seen one on any of the sharpeners (Model 17, Model 18, Model 19). All of these depend on a good tight fit, and the repro gears fit in the same manner as originals do.

This gear works with Model 18 and Model 19. Installation guide will be available soon (although most folks who know they have a broken gear have already been under the hood and know hwo to remove/replace). Tooling and testing for the Model 17 replacement will be soon...

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