Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Boston Model 17 testing is complete!

Tooling and testing for the Boston Model 17 Pencil Sharpener replacement gear are now complete. Replacements have been tested for fit and functionality, and are now available. I have already posted a listing on ebay for this part. The current listing item# is 130419932867 or try this link:

Clarification on earlier posts - this gear is only for use with the Model 17. The Model 18 replacement part is only interchangeble for use with Model 19.


  1. Woot just bought 2 on Ebay. It seems like the OE gear was either self lube or coated. Can't tell from the pic, but I might grease these when I get em'.

  2. Worked Great!!! I put the gear on my Model 18 and it works great! The unit ran when I plugged it in, so I had to reconfigure the switch, which was easy. It was so much more satisfying than buying a new one; got to see how it works, and I get to keep my same pencil sharpener that I've had since school. Thank you!

  3. Are you going to make any more model 17 gear wheels? I looked on eBay and couldn't find any.